Fake GPS Location Spoofer – 4.7

Use the app so you can fake your location. It will overwrite your current proximity elegantly so that you can prank your friends on any social network to think you are somewhere else. Find people in different cities, fly your gps from city to city without moving. Geotag that photo even if you forgot to turn on location when you were taking it.


What New?

  • Always uninstall before updating if moved as system app otherwise the app will not work properly! 4.7
  • expert mode improved
  • developer settings in menu
  • adb shell support old
  • Android M 6.0 support German translation (deutsche Übersetzung)
  • stop button on status bar
  • hide icon as requested
  • Tasker integration, read the description
  • New setting
  • update interval user adjustable for better hacking on certain apps.
  • No mock locations required if used on root and used as system/app